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 Rear hub spacer... Sporty or similar

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Serial Bike Abuser

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PostSubject: Rear hub spacer... Sporty or similar   Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:41 pm

HELP... i need a spacer for my rear sprocket...
it nees to be 8mm or more, 10mm is fantastic, but 12mm is a bit too thick, sorry, dont have "

it goes between the sprocket and hub but can be found on some belt drives and as a spacer for discs...
XL sproty or FXR type hub

any help apreciated. i've tried amps and a couple of other hd people, need one real soon, dont want to take time to import one right now...

please PM me..

cheers jon.

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Rear hub spacer... Sporty or similar
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