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 S&S Evo for sale

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PostSubject: S&S Evo for sale   Tue Dec 20, 2011 4:18 pm

Anyone remember my 96 inch S&S Evo bike? Well I am going to sell it to pay for my Vladivostok to Paris trip. Open to offers the way it sits now or else I'll finish it off and get it certed and sell it for more.
Basically its a full S&S Sidewinder motor with an Delcon case, S&S crank, barels and heads (big valves), big cam, S&S super E carb, new rigid frame, softail gear box, new primary cases, fat boy clutch and primary, Spyke ignition, 97 Sporty front end, fat bob tanks and a Brit rear ribbed fender all in shiny Holden red paint. Never enen started.
Open to sensible offers of cash only or I'll finish it off myself. Really just needs wiring and certing. Will be a very fast bike. Also selling my SR cafer racer after I paint it and tidy the bugger up. I'll post pics this weekend when I'm not getting stuck into the Christmas grog.
Happy Christmas

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S&S Evo for sale
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