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 Magazines + things

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PostSubject: Magazines + things   Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:19 pm

Some of you might know mike dobson from the motorad bike shop in wgtn he is in the process of building a bmw bobber/chop and we were discussing magazines to read etc and he tells me he has some old CHOPPER AND BIG BIKE mags from the early seventies and will drop them in for me to read,will today he did pristine copies from 71-74 holy crap there is some good stuff in here and there is a shovel that wouldn't look out of place today, and would have been way ahead of its time back then I am going to try and scan some of the articles this weekend,Also another friend dropped in a a massive poster of Boris Murray (google him) on his twin triumph pre-unit engined dragbike it has the wheel 3 ft in the air and smoking the rear at the same time and it still ran an 8.72 175mph fucking awesome.
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Magazines + things
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