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 rICEr von Vellington

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PostSubject: rICEr von Vellington   Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:18 pm

Howdy Monkeys
rICEr here, came to the site after being referred by Cam.
Probably a little different from the majority here as I got into moding bikes through bucket racing and continue to do most of my garaging around making parts and modifying stuff to make a better race bike.
This was my first foray...

The biggest legal motor into the smallest lightest frame I could get. Good in theory and quite fast, handling, hmmm, not so flash!

So that machine got the flick cos' I was sick of it giving it to me.

Now I use this...

Same old engine pushing a big heavy chassis, engine fits good though it's like an HQ Holden engine bay between the frame rails now Wink Pipes on that one by Cam!

Anyway apart from fixing shit and making new seat frames and muffers brackets etc. I've come to a dead end in terms of making this project much different, race bikes end up looking all the same for a reason!

So now I've turned my attention to making something that allows me to express the more artistic and somewhat less purely functional side to my motorcycling addiction, and I ended up here!

Have a long term project that's been in the background for some time and I may have just found a new course for it!
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Serial Bike Abuser
Serial Bike Abuser

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PostSubject: Re: rICEr von Vellington   Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:27 pm

Cool as good to have ya on board mate. don't forget to post some pics of your project.
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rICEr von Vellington
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