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 Clearing bare steel

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PostSubject: Clearing bare steel   Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:37 pm

Im having a crack at a project tank. No bike for it, just a project.

Its stripped and I buffed off the shitty dull grey coating so its shiny steel.

I want to clear the bare steel before I continue.

Anyone had success here? WD40 wont work as Im painting over the base later.

The google machine has all sorts of stuff on this.

I dont have paint gear so was hoping to rattle can on some clear before the gold leaf and stripes go on (at this stage anyway!)
The tank is pretty good but not perfect. Ill rust kill the tunnel and black it out.

It will likely live on the garage (lounge!)  Cool wall for ages so not in the weather.

Any thoughts?

I want to do a coloured clear/candy over bare steel job but reckon Ill need to stump up for spray gear first.
Kid due in 3 weeks. Money for spray gear? Not even ow!
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Clearing bare steel
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