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 Executive Committee

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PostSubject: Executive Committee   Sun Oct 04, 2015 4:27 pm

With the ever increasing number of members, and events we are organising or attending… (Very positive stuff), A group from the Auckland Crew have decided to formalize the administration and running of the Club and form an Executive Committee.

We are introducing an Executive Committee to run the Club in a more effective and efficient way, for the Members.
What this will mean is a Committee of 4 Members will share the workload that comes with the running of the Club, this will not mean any changes to the Club for Members, it will still be lose knit and stress free, but hopefully you will see administration jobs getting sorted a lot quicker  Smile

We have written Club rules, sounds scary, but really it’s not… it is basically what we have been doing up until now, but does cover some rules around the Committee and Health and Safety etc.
There is still no cost to be a Member of the Club.
Also written is the Roles and Responsibilities of each Member on the Committee, These are as follows:

Standing Rules
Participate as much as you are comfortable with. You joined to ride and meet others with the same interest, the more you participate, the more you will get to know others and enjoy the experience. You get out of it what you put in.

As a member, strive to conduct yourself in a respectful and positive manner so as to not give your Club (Grease Monkeys) a bad name. Whether you are wearing any Club merchandise or not, common courtesy and respect for ANY individual you make contact with will always leave a good impression of you, your Club and motorcyclists in general.

You should always conduct yourself responsibly when dealing with other people, including e-mails and on the internet. We do not have colours - the patch and merchandise are purchased and shows you are a part of the Club whose purpose is to get together to ride motorcycles and enjoy the companionship of others with a similar interest.

NEVER use the term "Outlaw Club" or any of the other names they are known by when speaking to strangers (you never know when one of them might be a member of an MC, be a support member or know members of an MC).

A Club patch should never be referred to as colours. NEVER wear any kind of support patch for any MC with Club merchandise.

Health and Safety: No person other than yourself is responsible for your safety while attending Club events of any kind.
Club rides, although organised by a member or members will be treated as a group of mates getting together for a ride.

The Club is not responsible for your property including your motorcycle while attending any Club event.

It is up to you to abide by all NZ Road and Transport laws and regulations, and abide by the NZ Crimes Act at all times.

The Executive Committee will maintain the rules and administration of the Club for the members.

The Treasurer may use Club funds to pay for Club related expenses, but must be able to provide an accurate record of all income and expenses.

Any member wishing to occupy a position of the Executive Committee will signal their intent before the time of the next elections, must be nominated by another Club member, and will be then voted  on at the time of the next elections.

Executive Committee members will hold their position for a period of 12 months unless deemed unsuitable by their peers, or they ask to stand down.
A replacement will be elected by the above process and occupy that position until the time of the next elections.

The Members who wish to form the Committee are as follows:
Chairman - Irish Jon
Vice Chairman - Steve Fox
Secretary - Mike Dodd
Treasurer - Tim Cooper

Grease Monkeys Executive Committee - Duties & Responsibilities.
The Chairman is Chief Executive Officer of the Club. All matters concerning Club events with any person or organization should be discussed with the Chairman (or Vice Chairman) for appropriate action.The Chairman or his delegate shall assume the Chair at all crew meetings.  He is responsible for controlling the meeting and keeping order.

Vice Chairman
The Vice Chairman shall coordinate all committees and supervise plans for all Club events. The Vice chairman shall assume all responsibilities and duties of the Chairman in their absence.

The Secretary is responsible for making and keeping all Club/Crew records.
The Secretary will maintain the club/crew meeting minutes and publish these on the Forum.
The Secretary must notify Members via the Forum and Social Media of any meetings, and must notify all the members of any appointments or elections in their absence.

The Treasurer keeps all the funds of the club crew.  All un-issued Club merchandise and patches. The Treasurer may disburse funds to pay expenses as prescribed in the Standing Rules.  The Treasurer must keep an accurate record of all income and expenses,  Is required to report the fiscal status of the Club at each regular meeting for the information of the members.  The Treasurer must submit a written annual report to the Executive Committee at the Annual Meeting.

Initially this Committee will oversee the Club as a whole, but as each Area introduces their own Committee, that Committee will take over their area.
Waikato, Bay of Plenty – Waibop, is likely to be the next.
Who will follow after that….

Next week there is a get together at the workshop – Salt Lake Cycles in Helensville, if any Member would like to have an input into the Committee makeup or administration, Please get in contact Via the Facebook page, Forum or contacting any of the 4 listed above directly prior to Sunday the 11th of October.

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Executive Committee
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