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 'Other' American bikes

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PostSubject: 'Other' American bikes   Mon May 24, 2010 10:40 am

I somehow got to lookin at some pics of other US manufacturers today. Yeah I know there's Victory. Apparently Sonny Barger now rides a Victory. And many H.A.'s too. They are apparently cutting into Harley's market bigtime.
But there are some other interesting ones so I was havin a look at some of their models. Check this 2010 Indian bomber.
Ridley didnt survive the recession but someone bought them out and still supply the parts. Check out their 'Speedster' ... echoes of an old Sportster?
I guess Big Dog or whoever they are, are still goin. Isnt one of those chopper companies started/owned by an Aussie or Kiwi?
Hey and what about 'Kiwi Indian'? I reckon that guy cottoned onto something. Apparently you can build an entire 1940's-50's style Indian Chief from his parts, albeit with improved gearbox.
Brass Balls Bobbers have gotta be my favourites, check out the detail on their '69 chopper

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'Other' American bikes
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